Lang Memorial Cemetery in Brooksville

If you know me, you know I’m a lover of cemeteries and a bit of a cemetery historian. Imagine my great frustration and subsequent curiosity when I came across a cemetery I can find little to no information on. Step inside Lang Memorial Cemetery, a small independently run cemetery just North of 98 in HernandoContinue reading “Lang Memorial Cemetery in Brooksville”

Homosassa Springs State Park

Scenic doesn’t begin to describe Homosassa Springs State Park. The park has a little bit of everything- rehabbed wildlife, manatees, gorgeous freshwater springs, and tours. The “Wildlife Walk” features many different Florida native reptiles, mammals, and birds. Only one non-native animal lives in the park. Lucifer, A.K.A. Lu, the hippo was a movie star inContinue reading “Homosassa Springs State Park”