Sweet Buns Bakery in Tampa

Sweet Buns is a Korean style bakery in the USF area. If you have never had Asian buns, they you might be surprised by them! Unlike the pastries that Americans are accustomed to, Asian sweet buns are usually very soft and fluffy breads stuffed with some kind of custard or whip and fruit. The “sweetContinue reading “Sweet Buns Bakery in Tampa”

(Turkish) Delighted with Roasted! in Temple Terrace

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I could really use a shop that sells halal Turkish delights, roasted nuts, homemade chocolate treats, and spices”? Well, admittedly, we hadn’t either. However, since Roasted! in Temple Terrace has opened up, we have wondered how we have made it so long without one! The first thing thatContinue reading “(Turkish) Delighted with Roasted! in Temple Terrace”