Homosassa Springs State Park

Scenic doesn’t begin to describe Homosassa Springs State Park. The park has a little bit of everything- rehabbed wildlife, manatees, gorgeous freshwater springs, and tours. The “Wildlife Walk” features many different Florida native reptiles, mammals, and birds. Only one non-native animal lives in the park. Lucifer, A.K.A. Lu, the hippo was a movie star inContinue reading “Homosassa Springs State Park”

Rainy Afternoons at Mojo’s Books & Records

Tucked away in an unassuming strip mall by USF Tampa lies a place full of knowledge, music, and delicious caffeinated beverages. Mojo Books & Records is an independent book store in Tampa, FL that specializes in used and out-of-print books. However, there is so much more to be explored. Mojo’s also boasts an impressive collectionContinue reading “Rainy Afternoons at Mojo’s Books & Records”

(Turkish) Delighted with Roasted! in Temple Terrace

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I could really use a shop that sells halal Turkish delights, roasted nuts, homemade chocolate treats, and spices”? Well, admittedly, we hadn’t either. However, since Roasted! in Temple Terrace has opened up, we have wondered how we have made it so long without one! The first thing thatContinue reading “(Turkish) Delighted with Roasted! in Temple Terrace”

Announcing Our Small Business Blog Series

One of the things we love about Tampa is the huge variety of small businesses. StratCat was created from the desire to aid small businesses in meeting and exceeding their business goals, so it is no wonder that we spend most of our dollars at locally owned businesses. Our new blog series will highlight smallContinue reading “Announcing Our Small Business Blog Series”

Welcome To The StratCat Blog

Welcome! We are glad you have made your way to our blog today. The StratCat Blog will be a place for our current and future clients to learn more about how to successful market their business online and learn about some of our other clients and their businesses/products. Come back soon to check out newContinue reading “Welcome To The StratCat Blog”