Easy Ways to Make Your Google MyBusiness Listing Stand Out

While hiring a proper SEO and social media company is never a bad idea when working on your company’s internet presence & rank, there are some easy and free ways to make your business stand out against the competition in search.   By simply following these tips and staying consistent, it is possible to make yourContinue reading “Easy Ways to Make Your Google MyBusiness Listing Stand Out”

Next Level Barbers in St. Petersburg

I have been getting my haircut by Shawn Olveras since 2015. Its been an honor to watch him work from the bottom all the way up to owning his own barbershop, Next Level Barbers. Shawn’s energy and drive for the betterment of his community is infectious. Everytime I sit down in his chair, I leaveContinue reading “Next Level Barbers in St. Petersburg”

Cafe Hey in Downtown Tampa

I’ve been coming to Cafe Hey for over a decade. When I was in high school at Tampa Prep, I would walk over the Cass Street bridge to come indulge in some delicious coffee and stop by the Oriental Market located in the same building while I was over there. Cafe Hey’s eclectic-cool environment wasContinue reading “Cafe Hey in Downtown Tampa”

Asgard Training Center in Bradenton, FL

Tucked behind a Bradenton residential home in an unassuming metal structure, you will find one of the cooler strength gyms in the Tampa Bay area. Asgard Training Center is a strength gym that has a little bit of everything to offer, but is a special stomping ground for the local strongman community. I have beenContinue reading “Asgard Training Center in Bradenton, FL”

Sweet Buns Bakery in Tampa

Sweet Buns is a Korean style bakery in the USF area. If you have never had Asian buns, they you might be surprised by them! Unlike the pastries that Americans are accustomed to, Asian sweet buns are usually very soft and fluffy breads stuffed with some kind of custard or whip and fruit. The “sweetContinue reading “Sweet Buns Bakery in Tampa”

Lang Memorial Cemetery in Brooksville

If you know me, you know I’m a lover of cemeteries and a bit of a cemetery historian. Imagine my great frustration and subsequent curiosity when I came across a cemetery I can find little to no information on. Step inside Lang Memorial Cemetery, a small independently run cemetery just North of 98 in HernandoContinue reading “Lang Memorial Cemetery in Brooksville”

Mr. GreenThumb’s CBD & Delta 8 in Tampa & Temple Terrace

Mr. GreenThumb’s CBD has 2 locations: one in Temple Terrace and one in New Tampa. Both are incredible additions to their surrounding communities. CBD has come into popularity as the stigmas around marijuana begin to fade and the benefits from medicinal use are uncovered. CBD is one of the most abundant cannabanoids found in theContinue reading “Mr. GreenThumb’s CBD & Delta 8 in Tampa & Temple Terrace”

Adventures at Dinosaur World in Plant City

Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, I remember on several occasions driving past Dinosaur World. As a kid, I begged my parents to take me, but I never went. As I grew up, I started to see what my parents saw- a sad looking pair of dinosaur figurines off of I-4 with a veryContinue reading “Adventures at Dinosaur World in Plant City”