Sweet Buns Bakery in Tampa

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Sweet Buns is a Korean style bakery in the USF area.

If you have never had Asian buns, they you might be surprised by them! Unlike the pastries that Americans are accustomed to, Asian sweet buns are usually very soft and fluffy breads stuffed with some kind of custard or whip and fruit. The “sweet bread” isn’t actually all that sweet- it is much less sugary than the typical American pastry fare.

Not all of the buns at Sweet Buns are sweet!

They also have offerings like “pizzas” (breads with cheese and meat), hot dogs, and other buns and rolls with eggs, meats, cheeses, and herbs. Our favorites are the buns with pork floss on them!

Sweet Buns also offers custom cakes, cheesecakes (including airy Japanese cheesecake), cookies, mousses, and more!

Everything at Sweet Buns Bakery is made in house. On their website they state that, “Sweet Buns Bakery was started with the intention of providing delicious, affordable, and high-quality cakes, meals, and drinks. With so many mass-produced bakery items available through supermarkets, the art of making hand made premium desserts, baked goods, buns, and treats is being lost.”

Here’s how it works:

Upon entering, you will grab a tray, place a piece of wax paper on it, and grab a pair of tongs. Use the tongs to grab the items you want out of the bakery cases and place them on your tray. Ask staff for help with anything that is refrigerated. Once completed, head up to the front where a cashier will tally up and individually bag all of your items. 

My family loves Sweet Buns Bakery, and we think you will too!

You can visit there website and place custom cake orders here.

You can follow them on Facebook here.

You can follow them on Instagram here.

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