Rainy Afternoons at Mojo’s Books & Records

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Tucked away in an unassuming strip mall by USF Tampa lies a place full of knowledge, music, and delicious caffeinated beverages.

Mojo Books & Records is an independent book store in Tampa, FL that specializes in used and out-of-print books. However, there is so much more to be explored. Mojo’s also boasts an impressive collection of vinyl that even the pickiest of collectors will be delighted with.

With the advent of Kindles, e-books, and Audible, bookstores have been becoming increasingly challenging to locate- especially independently owned ones. However, Mojo’s stands apart from other bookstores by offering an atmosphere that most do not.

 In most bookstores, both corporate and independent, everything is very orderly and has its place. Some of them are so neat and clean that they take on an almost clinical feeling. However, Mojo’s organized chaos presents consumers with an exciting challenge. Perusing through the expansive collections is like a treasure hunt, and finding your perfect read feels like a big score as opposed to an everyday purchase. The experience of Mojo’s has not been outdone by other bookstores, and most definitely cannot be replicated digitally. 

Music lovers also can find hours of exploration at Mojo’s. As previously mentioned, Mojo’s asserts an impressive stock of vinyl. In addition, they carry CD’s, record players, and cassette tapes. When I went most recently, I was very excited to see that they had a small display of cassette tapes for sale. Vincent has recently gotten a car that still has a cassette player in it. I thought that there was no better car-warming present for a 23 year old man than a Poison cassette from the 80’s.

Another prominent feature of Mojo’s is the coffee and tea bar. The baristas come up with some really fun and interesting concoctions that all look and sound incredible.  The ones that stood out to me the most on my last visit were the Cinnamon Roll Latte and Banana’s Foster Latte. Unfortunately, I am trying to watch what I eat and drink at the moment, and lattes are not on the plan. Instead, I opted for their wellness tea blend. This tea was amazing! When I was pregnant, I would get the “Cozy Tea” from Starbucks, and this was like a better version of that. The cafe area also has pastries (some of there offerings meet special dietary needs), take home coffee & tea blends, and assorted knick-knacks. 

It is impossible to explain and cover the expanse of offerings at Mojo’s Books and Records. Beyond what has been mentioned, Mojo’s also has various collectibles, DVD’s, housewares, art from small artisans, and more. Even if you don’t have the funds to buy something while you are there, you don’t have to leave empty-handed: there is a free bookshelf just outside of the front door. In order to get a full understanding of Mojo’s, you have to go to yourself. 

There have been countless afternoons where I have gotten lost in the shelves of Mojo’s Books & Records. Hours will pass and I won’t blink and eye. Mojo’s combines the magic of an old library with the comforts of warm drinks and great music. This is a must-visit for book and vinyl lovers. 

There are several ways to support Mojo’s Books & Records.

They are currently working on developing a database of the new and used items they have in stock at the store. They add more items to this everyday, and you can shop this selection here.

Mojo’s lists many of their antique and collectible items on eBay. You can access their eBay store here.

If you prefer to buy a new book, please consider buying the book from Mojo’s storefront on bookshop.org. Mojo’s receives 25% of every purchase from their online storefront. 

You can follow them on Facebook here.

You can follow them on Instagram here.

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