(Turkish) Delighted with Roasted! in Temple Terrace

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I could really use a shop that sells halal Turkish delights, roasted nuts, homemade chocolate treats, and spices”?


Well, admittedly, we hadn’t either. However, since Roasted! in Temple Terrace has opened up, we have wondered how we have made it so long without one!

The first thing that catches your eye when entering the building is the dramatic display case filled with the most beautiful Turkish delights and baklava. 


Roasted! is regularly adding to their Turkish delight and baklava menus. You can procure  more traditional fruit and nut flavors as well as some more adventurous takes on these confections, such as candy bar and cookie flavors. Regardless of which style suits your tastes, you will not be disappointed!



Roasted!’s name is a reference to the wide selection of roasted nuts they serve. They boast a huge variety of nuts and roast them locally. Similarly, they carry locally roasted Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is a very rich and strong coffee that is often flavored with cardamom. It is incredibly rich and strong, so sip it slowly and enjoy its complex and unique flavor profile.



Did you know that most gummy candies contain pork products and are therefore not halal? We didn’t either, and frankly, we’re kinda grossed out! But once again Roasted! has got us covered. They offer a huge selection of halal gummies that are just as good as the… pork ones. If gummies aren’t your thing, try some of the awesome chocolates that they make! One of our favorites is their chunky peanut butter cups.



In addition to all of these amazing treats, Roasted! has a unique selection of spices, foreign snacks, and gorgeous serving ware & coffee sets. Every visit to the store has been an amazing experience- the design is beautiful, the selection is unique, and the customer service is unrivaled. Every single time we have visited, we are warmly greeted upon entering and offered Turkish coffee. The staff seems genuinely invested in providing customers with an amazing shopping experience. 



If you haven’t visited Roasted! yet, you need to make it a priority. We often bring people here and they are always just as blown away as we were.



Roasted! is located at 11301 N 56th St. Suite 10 in Temple Terrace.

Visit their website to order their products and have them shipped to you for free!

You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date on store events and new products.


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